Friday, October 23, 2015

I've got that showing feeling

Of all bad blog titles that might be the worst.  I am going to a show tomorrow.
That way towards success
It is a schooling jumper show at my trainers.  We are signed up for 2'6", 2'9", and the gamblers choice.  Keeping it low key for continued confidence and success.
Finally able to not jump poles on the ground like they are four feet tall
We have had a quiet week of riding, with a hack, a friend in town who did a light dressage school with him and then a couple jumps today.  He seems unphased by last weekends road trip, not surprised as he travels quite well, but I still appreciate it.
Relaxation everywhere
Today I popped around a little course, it started great.  Then he got just a tiny bit rushy and so the distances were strange.  We stopped, backed, regrouped and finished with several foot perfect jumps.  I just keep putting my hands up and leg on.  Love this horse and love my journey with him.
Even with all our struggles, and my struggles we keep coming back for more.  Even with our bumps in the road this summer I was able to watch someone jumping 4' today and the thought of doing that with my horse seemed natural.  We both have talent, now to mesh it together and keep working on being a team.
Here we come
We will get there, I have faith and hard work on my side.
Pictures from a lesson last Thursday, taken by Alyssa.


  1. You guys look stellar! Have fun!

  2. Good luck at your show today - you're gonna be great!!

  3. Looking awesome girl, cannot wait to read a recap of your awesome show outing ☺