Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time to laugh

So one day I made a meme of our amazing Alyssa and Bacon.
Seriously guys, like could have gone up 2 to 3 holes
Can we just bow down to Alyssa's balance and Bacon's withers?  Well, Aimee has an actual meme app on her phone and ho boy meme session was on.  First we have this official loose girth meme.
That position tho!
Then we memed an awful moment, because why not.

Wait for it


Because yeah

Luckily we seemed to have move past this
And of course we need a meme of when he is amazballz.
Then I started looking back, because obviously we need to make fun of my penchant to wear all the colors.  Turns out this year has been chock full of color coordination though.

Thank you Annie's for the contribution to my color domination game

No worries my gloves are still pink
 There was this one time in a Jan Byyny clinic where I though this was a legit outfit.
Actual quote by me on the regular
The real issue is that I love blue breeches, but also back and pink.
Don't see an issue
Going back to last year I found this one.
Don't ask why he has on the girl color
Turns out this guy is memeable too.
Third ride and already getting epic pictures
Then I found it, the most memeable picture of all.
This: everyday

Don't care

Maybe a bit harsh


Also truth

The struggle is real for the people around me
And this is how you keep from taking yourself too seriously.  Thanks to great friends with great senses of humor.


  1. These are great! I also LOVE COLORS!!! I actually got a COMPLIMENT on my neon (literally highlighter yellow) yellow schooling shirt the other day! Looks great with blue breeches, you should get one. ;)

  2. Omg I love the jumping people one! Hahahaha

  3. Haha! This is awesome! Love the jumping people ones. I need this app!

  4. Haha, everyone of those is fantastic!

  5. We could do this with all of our zillions of pictures. And yes, thank goodness for withers!

  6. These are awesome, ya'll take the best pictures and give the rest of us epic squad goals.