Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bling, blather, and new boy

Thanks to a sweet trade Diva now has a Nunn Finer brass/havana clincher browband!  This may hold me off from spending money (that I don't have) on a superfluous new bridle.  It looks great.
A girl needs bling
It matches her cliff barnsby bridle that I used to use on my big mare Genevieve.  She was a PMU foal, a Thoroughbred/Percheron and super athletic for her size.  We ran a few novice and schooled training.  She is now doing small jumps and extensive trail riding with her new mom:)
Different bridle here (Fall 2005)
I have to laugh, 8 years later and I have the upgraded model of shiny black princess (Diva).  I am contemplating giving Mr. Mojito a shave as soon as the weather is a bit more consistently warm, he is so freakin' hairy this winter.  It would be his first shave ever, a very grown up thing for him.  School is keeping on, I had two more tests this week and a group presentation.  No grades back yet, but I feel like I rocked them all!  This is the first time is years that I enjoyed a group project, we all fit into the 'overachiever'  category and it was an enjoyable experience.  I know my last post mentioned that the project was ridiculous and it was, but the group turned out good:).

An owner claimed a new horse for the barn down at Golden Gate yesterday.  His name is Bluegrass Chap and he is 4 years old.  Eugene says he is sound and really likes his looks.  He has shown some potential but his last trainer couldn't seem to figure him out, step in Eugene.  He is great figuring out horses, we both seem to take on 'problem' horses in our respective areas of the horse world.  Chapy's looks remind me of a certain 'pollo pony that I used to have and is now living the best life with Rinsie.


  1. I love all the pictures. Diva looks great! Your mare was a giant, wow...

    And remember, eyes open for baby Cuna. Not immediately, but soon enough.

    1. Eyes are always open...granted sometimes I have to squint since I want to take them all home!