Monday, February 4, 2013

More than riding

So I surpassed yesterday's goal, I groomed Diva and Mojito!  Trimmed tails and shortened manes, curried and brushed, it was a good day!  Diva was a good girl (as expected) and stood mostly still, we even did and little walk and hand graze and found out that last summer's fear of cows has been over come.
Just chillin' with the baby cows
She also spent quality time with Pat the cat.  Pat has found that standing on the tie rail with a horse is great because he gets back rubs.  He has done this for the last 8 years with every horse, some he only tried it once with and found them too aggressive for his liking.  Diva was very gentle and I think they are becoming fast friends.
Mojito blew me away!  He was so grown up and so calm.  I.Can'!  He is a very fat boy at the moment, but I like that considering we are coming off the 2nd coldest January on record for this area.  I believe that it will be very attainable to get to some shows with him.
Mojito love
I also worked on breaking in my new Blundstones today.  Shoutout to my dad here for a great Christmas present.  My mom gave me a new helmet that I haven't had the pleasure of using yet (again due to such a terrible January).  I love my blunnies, this will be my fourth or fifth pair!
Boot love
I guess you know you are a horse person when new boots get set on the kitchen table for a photo shoot!  I was at Pony Club tonight teaching about conditioning, it is fun to mentor the next generation of riders.  I was a bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm for learning.  I offered encouragement to them to scroll through eventing nation or some similar website to try and learn something new each day and to think of questions for future sessions.  Some of the girls there have very nice horses and I would love for them to become well rounded knowledgeable horse people not just decent riders.  I even pulled out my copy of Training the Three-day Event Horse by Jimmy Wofford for them to look at.  Flipping through the pages was a fun trip down memory lane as I have underlined and written notes in many places.  What a great book, Mr. Wofford is a consummate horseman.


  1. I feel like a silly beginning pony clubber around you sometimes...but I highly enjoy learning from you!

    1. Oh no you are not silly! I'm glad its enjoyable and not know-it-all ish

  2. I have blunnies too. Super comfy and I'm hoping they hold up better than my previous boots. We'll see... Of course, even if they die, I snagged them on ebay for cheap. Who knows what they did before.