Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunshine and a surprise

Sorry folks I've been slacking in the blog department, I blame the sun and its intoxicating effects (and also a rediculous group project in my developmental biology class).  I have had several good rides on a few horses.  
Proof of the sun, shadows!

Mr. Gunnar's first ride of the year

Diva in her new Rhino blanket, love!
School is chugging along and I'm pretty sure I rocked a human physiology test on Friday ..but don't have a grade yet, fingers crossed.  Last Monday and today I was at a client's holding horses for the farrier.  The owner is uber well off and used to breed saddlebreds and send them off to be shown and sold for big bucks.  Now she is retired and has 24 horses of various ages that she pays me to catch and hold for farrier and vet work.  I've ridden several of them as well.  Side note here: saddlebreds have to be one of the looniest breeds out there, I like a crazy horse to work with, but I am more than happy to keep my feet on the ground around these guys.
Jess: just tuning her up for two weeks for a friend

Gunnar's cute ears
So you must be wondering where the surprise comes in.  Friday I get to Flynn's (the local tack store) to work and go into the back room to set my stuff down and bam!  My husband and my dad are sitting there.  OMG!  Under normal circumstances this would not be strange but my dad is living in So-Cal and Eugene has been at Golden Gate Fields since august (no worries I have seen him about once a month).  I guess my dad's truck needed registered and smogged here in Idaho and so he drove up and got Eugene on the way.  It was a quick trip as they left early yesterday, but so refreshing and uplifting.
Lester and Charlie were happy too!
He gave me the most beautiful necklace made with Diva's hair, I will get a picture and put it up with a link to the artist soon.  Yesterday I went and did some grooming, ground work, and arena turnout time with some client's horses and they REALLY enjoyed it!  Wednesday is penciled in for riding them all.
Last night was super fun as well.  I cooked up a roast and some cheddar bisquits and enjoyed a dinner with friends including the sprinklerbandit, who also got some shots and me and Jess, (the horse, I have to specify here due to multiple friends named Jess) she is a draft cross.
I was informed of looking like a little kid, I can't help being short:)

Jess says, "whaaa use my hind end and put my head down? Not physically possible!"
So there you have it, a great week, can't wait to see what this next one brings.


  1. The sun went away. Back to the blogs for us. Brrr. Thanks for dinner! So yummy.

    1. Exactly, silly sun. I'm glad you liked it, I had a blast as always!