Thursday, February 7, 2013


Oh so cute!

 I rode! Diva and Mojito.  Diva was a phenom, I believe that the winter break did her a world of good as she was much more patient and calm than in November.  Putting a bridle on did not seem like a call to post and we even achieved some lovely slow trot.  The footing was good enough for slow work but not anything madcap so no lunging just a little ground work with a long lead rope.  My good friend Alyssa came along and got some great pictures, it was that perfect time of day with the sun low in the sky making for warm enchanting light.  Mojito was also great, but I have to admit Diva got the prize for the day.  He was calmer for tacking up, but he was a stubborn grumpy pants for the ride.  Part of the issue was the small patch of decent area in which to ride, if the whole field had been acceptable I could have done big loops and gotten him going.  Not complaining though, I mean seriously.  Two young horses + no riding in months + no lunging = perfect ride!  How lucky am I!?

Being a brave girl

Working on head down

Check  out that filled in neck!

Being elegant

Googly eyes

Charlie: the happiest dog in the world
He is only 15.1 and I still look short
why hello

Best day!


  1. Oh, what a nice day that was! Can't wait for it to be warmer, and the ground nicer!

  2. Glad you had a nice ride! They certainly are adorable creatures :)