Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All the pictures! (and video)

So last Wednesday and Thursday I jumped P-diddy and he was freakin fantastic.  If you follow me on instagram you've gotten a preview.
Thursday video still

Great shot from Wednesday by Alyssa
Wednesday was a fun dressup day...who am I kidding I dress my horse up everyday in all the things!  Can I just say that having Sprinklerbandits collection and my collection we can come up with some pretty great horse outfits!?
Bliss on Prisoner
 You see that giant grin, that incredible canter stride, that sweet color coordinating outfit?  It was a great day!  Then we won two races that evening!
Hello cuteness

Looks like I have an idea.
 I had to laugh at this 'idea' picture.  Poor hubby always groans when I say I have an idea.

Loving that it appears my position has come out of hiding!

Who needs reins?

Think he needs to do some hunters for fun

There is that kissable white nose
We had a big bending line, xrail 5 strides oxer 5 strides xrail.  You could also do 4 strides depending on pace and line.  Sir Cutesalot (name shamelessly stole from a comment on sprinklerbandit's instagram) ate it up.  He has gotten to the point that if there are jumps in the arena he is looking to go over them from the moment I pick up the reins.  He had one wiggly moment on a downhill three stride xrail to red/blue blocks.  We landed over the xrail and he thought a bold gallop was more important than my rather strong half halts.  After he blew through the blocks to the right side of the jump he suddenly realized that maybe his rider did have a clue.  The rest of the ride he was all, was that a half halt? Did you need me to slow down?  The best part was that while he listened better he wasn't backed off, he was still carrying me to the jumps and if we needed more stride I just had to use a little leg.  Thanks to Alyssa for all the great pictures, go check out her great blog, the adventures of her the OTTB mare Bacon are a blast to watch and read about.

The next day I cruised around the course again and he was spot on.  Most distances were great, but there were also a couple too close and a bit long and he didn't bat an eye.  He reads the question and then executes it.  We even got a video!

Taking flight
We are all alright