Monday, August 11, 2014


First of I want to say thank you for the outpouring of support on my last post.  I am continually amazed by the awesomeness of the blogging community.

I thought I would do a lighthearted post about my horses funny quirks.

- When she started eating beet pulp in addition to her grain I had to give them in separate tubs, she would eat both, but not if they were touching.
- The seams inside of blankets rub her.  I'm talking the seams for gussets (which are supposed to prevent rubs) give her totally bald spots.
- Clippers are evil.  She is seriously the least spooky most awesome on the ground kind of a horse.  Gun shots nearby don't even get an ear twitch, but clippers?  OMG the scariest and most evil thing ever, even when sedated.
Feet looking great!
- When she decides she needs her foot back from the farrier there is no way he can continue to hold onto it, we've tried.  But if he sets it down she will pick it right back up like an angel.
Note the two bowls for grain

- Would only pee in his stall, not the pasture.  If he had to pee while turned out he would commence with running pelmel until he was seriously hot and sweaty.  Thank goodness we seem to have gotten over that.
- Must have deep shavings in stall, even though the covered run is 6 inches deep in a sand/shavings combo.  Why?  Because he will only lay down in the stall and before it was bedded deeper he got rubs on not only three spots on each of his hocks, but also fetlocks and both knees.
- Needs a fleecy girth due to scurff from his well conditioned and cleaned daily leather girth.
- Also needs regular scrubbings with shampoo for scurff elsewhere around his body.
- Long white hairs on his sheath (WTF) (No I did not take a picture).
- Tries to get every strap on his bridle in his mouth while putting it on.
- Ears are too small for even a cob bonnet.
Note the smaller outline where his ears are (horse size bonnet)

I want that grass too!

- If you spend enough time with him he starts sticking his tongue out, so cute!
- The most sensitive legs you have ever seen, like I can barely brush them, let alone boot them.

Way to make Bridger's conformation shots awkward Mojito

He is best at snuggles


  1. Quirks are the best part about ponies :)

  2. Love it when horses are relaxed enough in our company to show us their quirks :)

    1. Oops - forgot to say; although i did respond to your comment on my blog - but i'm not sure you'll see that; a few people have had trouble with my blogposts not showing up on their blogroll...could be because i changed my url a few months back.
      Maybe if you remove my blog & re-add it with new url it might work better...Sorry I am not very techie minded at all, so am not sure what else to suggest - Sorry!

  3. Quirks make the horse :) I always love the little things that make each horse unique, and give them their personalities!

    1. Me too, it makes everyday an adventure

  4. Love this :) I think TBs have some of the biggest personalities out there. Every single one I've known is quirky in some new and hilarious way.

    1. For sure, mine are always cracking me up

  5. Miles got really bad rub from a gusset seam last winter too!

  6. I laughed at the "tries to get every strap of the bridle in his mouth" part. My horse does that too!

  7. So many quirks. :-) Papa has no quirks at all... wait...