Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rekindling the fire

Hah, that ought to get some fun traffic.  What I'm talking about is my renewed ability to day dream.  Old day dreams that I haven't had in forever.  Diva started me on the right track with her affable personality last fall and all the fun I had with her.  Her 'tude this spring was a bit of a slap in the face (thank goodness she is her pleasant self again).  After last night with the one and only P-diddy I was noticing myself driving down the road looking at one ton hay bales as potential jumps.  Am I nuts?  Most likely yes, but that was a regular dream of mine years back and after a string of crummy horses and bad experiences with owners it disappeared into the mist.  It really caught me off guard feeling that way again, I don't think I have quit smiling since last night.  We hauled over to jump night at S's big arena for Prisoner's first field trip, he was perfect.
Hello color parade

So handsome

Me with a horse head

Cob bridle, pony bonnet

All the loves

Figuring out the poles


Giving leads through the water (we had an epic rainstorm).  Don't know if my grin could get any bigger!

Splish splash

All the dapples

Like a boss
He wants to know when he gets dinner
THANK YOU Alyssa for documenting the magic night!


  1. Saw some of these snapshots on insta, you guys are killing it!
    Those contesting through the water pics are epic, I love going splish splash on horseback. Kika loves indulging me with puddles, Nancy less although she is hilarious in her contortionist & tip toe attempts to avoid puddles. Rivers, streams no prob - puddles have been put on this earth to harass Nancy. Especially as she has a dumbo owner who loves nothing more than splashing through them. Teehee!

    Great to dust off the old dreams when the right partners come along ☺

  2. Glad Diva's good 'rude is back. Prisoner is just so cute.

  3. He is just so SO nice and words cannot describe my jealousy :)

  4. It is wonderful to day dream about big goals when you have an equine partner to achieve them with. The best feeling.

  5. Love these pictures so much - I love seeing how happy riders get when they ride a horse that they just *click* with. So happy for you that you've started to get that feeling back!

  6. I'm so happy that you have him :) It's funny how the right horse can remind us of all the reasons we wanted to ride in the first place.

  7. You two look wonderful together! :)

  8. He looks great! I really like him.

  9. Glad you'r ehaving so much fun and rekindling those dreams!

  10. You are very welcome! I am glad I got to witness the magic that is that boy. I day dream about jumping all kinds of weird crap too! Now maybe next time I will be able to participate!

  11. Oh, so I'm not the only person who mentally rides the cross-country course next to the car every time I drive anywhere?
    Prisoner has such a wonderful face. You guys look so happy!

  12. I LOVE all the smiles in those pictures!!!

  13. It truly is fantastic, just how happy you look!