Saturday, January 5, 2013

No deeper meaning here just lots of pictures

Mojito and I being goofy

So you may be wondering where Mr. Mojito is, as he is the namesake of this blog.  He is around, doing well, it was a bit of a slow year for my own horses.  I had a very busy spring and summer with my husband's race stable.  It was also a busy year showing and training client horses, and continuing on with my biology degree.  I was lucky enough to get some great lessons from Stephanie Goodman while aboard Gunner (a ranch bred TB/QH trying his hooves at jumping).  I also picked up a lovely new mare, Diva G, she is (as of 5 days ago) a 4 year old TB filly.  Lovely lovely lovely is all I can say about her.  Included in the good times are two three year old projects in the form of a Lipizzaner/trakehner and a Lipizzaner/welsh pony (Bridger and Suzie).

Woodrow Wilson and I getting ready to pony a winner
and galloping
Prepping for a gallop 

Tino at his first dressage show
Gunner looking like an event horse
Photo Credit: Alyssa
Diva G Photo Credit: Alyssa

Diva love

Suzie Q

Photo Credit: Alyssa
It was a fun year.  There was a rather large portion of heart break as well, but right now I'm focusing on the good times, the times that improve with the age of the memory, not the times that dim with age.  This was a year full of seized opportunities, and I plan on this next year being a time to hone each of them towards their potential. 

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  1. Very fun! One day when it's not so miserably cold, I want to come meet them. :)