Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Quick post today, I managed to catch this shot yesterday and can't stop giggling.
I needed a good giggle after yesterday's unexplained terrible stomach cramps, yuck!  I also got one other picture that I love because this horse has been notoriously wild and he is now letting me pet him all over and take close up pics!  His Jockey Club name is Ninetyinasixtyfive, he will get started this year.
Barn name: Baby Paul
So not much for tonight, but I will be trying some new foods and posting pics with recipes soon, stay tuned:)


  1. Feel better!

    And I'm excited for recipes. That soup your mom made was amazing.

    1. It was pretty delish! I'm thinking I need to get together with you for some blog goddess tips, I try to follow them and blogger can't seem to remember but google reader can and then what's the deal with google +? I.just.don' :-(