Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The things we do

I'm sitting here waiting to go pick up my husband at the airport.  He has been out of town since August, I have gone to see him a handful of times, but school prevents too many trips.  I am thrilled to have him home for a few days, it gets old rattling around the house by myself.  I have to brag a little here while I'm on the subject of my husband as I believe I won the husband lotto!  Yes we have arguments, and with the rather red hair color on both of us tempers flare, but that aside he is great.  I'm always hearing and reading things about how women wish their husbands would do this or wouldn't do that, nearly every time I notice that Mr. Eugene already does or doesn't do those things.  Wow!  Not only that he is horsey, I mean seriously horsey. We are talking teeth floating, hoof trimming, IV shot giving, hay bucking, lameness assessing, racehorse training horsey.  I could go on but I don't want slapped by the next woman I see;)  Ok one more thing, he kisses and hugs horses as much as I do (he would probably prefer I didn't write that here, my bad).
Just messing around

Reenacting the proposal
Eugene and Mojito
Sunny day in San Francisco

Thanks for the pics Alyssa!

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