Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jumping the super mare

The super mare being Zida.  Diva is super princess.  We upped the jumps to between 3' and 3'3" and she felt great.  Ok so she felt great over the jumps, she was rather opinionated in between.  I would be half halting like crazy with no response and then suddenly she would drop behind my leg, grrr.  She ended really well and straight over the jumps though.
So much fun!

Love her blaze face

Uh ok

The joys of riding in a tiny tiny saddle

Darn toes point forward why don't you
I've been riding her in her owner's saddle with is several sizes too small for me.  While I can get away with it over smaller jumps, my strange leg position demands I put my own saddle on next time.  I look like I'm ready for steeplechase, they also ride in postage stamp sized saddles.

Tonight I set up some fun jumps at the 100 acres to ride Diva over and of course she chooses to have a very rare day of excitement.  Oh well, we muddled over our usual x-rail and a log, will attempt the new jumps tomorrow or the next day.
Looking deceptively calm here