Monday, March 31, 2014

Time Flys

How on earth is it already Monday night?  I've been meaning to post here and I kept falling asleep.  Getting home after 9 pm each night hasn't helped any.  Last week was spring break and on top of being crazy busy there was a death in the family (very old great uncle) which turned the rest of the week into an impromptu family reunion.  With a somber start, yet full of full with my crazy family the rest of the week flew by and suddenly I'm confronted with school again.  I had more awesome riding through Wednesday and then the rain started and didn't really stop until yesterday.  Today I rode Gigi and she was phenomenal!  Seriously!  She finally understands self carriage and we even threw in some canter half pass.  I'm really excited to continue to watch this mare develop I think she has a lot of untapped talent that we are just scratching the surface of.
So much power!
Thanks again to Ellie Cook for the great photos
Wednesday morning I had a couple of great gallops and it wasn't even too cold!
The most kissable white nose ever!
I wish I could gallop her without blinkers cause her face is just too cute to cover up

But that would be like taking the railing of stairs because the building looks nice

Check out dat a$$ (the horse's)

So. Much. Fun!
Thanks to Alyssa for the racehorse pictures!
Ok Ok I'm off to bed, lots to gallop and ride tomorrow and a lab practical for anatomy and physiology.


  1. I am glad you still found time (somehow) to make it to my birthday! And I hope to take some more gallop pictures tomorrow :)

  2. My condolences on the loss in your family *hug*

  3. Looks like so much fun! And ponies are the best medicine!!

    Sorry for the loss.

  4. So many fun things! I need to get back on the fun bus.

    1. You were on another fun bus all weekend;)

  5. Condolences on the loss in your family. Some riding therapy was definitely in order. The bay looks fun!

    1. Thank you:) always riding therapy all the time