Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Woah, yesterday was insanely windy.  I mean move my car while waiting at a stoplight, shake the house, knock over a semi-truck windy.  Note: none of those are exaggerations.

Making our own wind
The weekend was again awesome (well Saturday was).  I galloped at the track, worked the big tack sale,  rode Gigi,  took pictures of Courage, rode/groomed Mojito,  and groomed Diva.  Sprinklerbandit actually did their manes and I did lots of currying.
No clue why his owner chopped off his tail 
Dressage horse?

Vroom Vroom!

Sunday started with a trip to the hospital with grandma,  but she is doing better now.  I rode Mojito again and then the hubby and I went to dinner.

I was still really sore on Saturday which ended up being a good thing for my ride on Gigi.  
Rub from my brilliant idea to gallop with no chaps
I work on her staying light on the reins during each ride,  but when she gets a little fussy or comes up I can just do a large half halt with the reins, soften, and continue on.  Well,  my arms were too sore to hold much weight so I had to really use my seat, leg, core, etc.  By the end she was going better then ever,  we even did a lengthen trot with me sitting!   Thank you sore arms for making me ride better!
From a few rides ago
Mojito continues to improve.  I finally punched more holes in his bridle so it fits right and I lunged him for a few minutes before each ride.  I need to video him lunging so y'all can see his delicious trot and canter!  He stood still for mounting and walked off in a good mood.   He is stretching down well and moving forward in all the walk work,  about 45% of the trot,  and 50% of the canter.   Yes peeps that's right I said canter!   He just picks it up and feels perfectly balanced.  He wants to get all fussy at the trot and then throws mini fits.   They are getting smaller and further apart with each ride.   I have to work to not get in a fight with him as he is such a princess!
Up hill without even trying

Post ride snuggles

This one cracks me up!

Love the baby blue pad on him
So there we have it an actual post with words and pictures again.  I actually typed the words on my phone at school between classes and then added the pictures at home.  It may be my new posting routine.


  1. Yay Mojito, he is looking so grown up!
    Ouch to the no-chaps rub, hope that heals up sharpish.

  2. So much going on! Glad mojito is continuing to improve. :-)

    1. Me too! I'm excited to finally see what he can do!

  3. No-chaps rubs are the worst! :(

  4. You are one busy, super cool matron of honor!

    1. And you are one super awesome bride! But, let's talk about the word matron...;)

  5. Blach its been pretty windy here too

  6. That rub looks painful!! Mojito on the other hand, looks adorbs. It has been windy here too. So ready for real spring