Sunday, March 9, 2014

So many horses

Cute girls on the walker
The last few days have been great!  I've jumped Courage, Zyda, and Diva.  Had great dressage and flat schools on Gigi, Gunner, and Gus.  Yesterday I galloped the first horse of the season and thank goodness for twopointober, because I stood up the whole time and wasn't even too tired!  We had lots of plans for riding and fence building today, but it is currently pouring rain again, fingers crossed it stops when the sun comes up!
Beautiful sun after a beautiful ride!

Not sure what I'm doing here, but Diva is just chillaxing.

Dreaming of trail rides

Look for a before and after of this cutie in a couple months!

The hubby getting all arty while I ride Gus

I've never actually seen Gus move, so fancy

Cutie pie
Yesterday after I rode Diva my friend who owns the 100 acres rode her around.  She love to ride, but hasn't really been able to with a small child and house construction for two years. I will help get her two legged back up, but I thought a nice ride on one that is going will help her get a craving for riding again.  Diva was a total champ!
Happy ladies!
I also made a video of Courage and I over his first cross rail of the year, he is so much fun!  If this rain stops than I will be getting pictures and video of sprinklerbandit jumping her horse!

Sorry for my light on the words posts, I've been bad in the past about not posting when life gets crazy and I'm trying not to do that again.  I'm still taking pictures though so I will keep sharing them with you and write more words when I can:)


  1. She looks like she's happy to be back on a horse again :) Love the pics and video!

  2. There is nothing wrong with lots of pictures, especially of all those beautiful horses!

  3. Love photos and whatever updates you can share of your fab fun filled life, so there'll never be complaints from me ;-)

  4. Courage is the MAN! Landing on the correct lead every time, and looking like an old pro over that cross rail! Good boy :)

  5. Love the snaps! And it's always nice to get a friend back in the saddle!

    1. So fun she is a great riding friend:)