Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday fun

I was listening to the radio and cracking up when I put songs in new contexts in my head.  Hopefully the humor sticks when no longer just in  my head.

On the radio all the time so I have the words fairly well memorized and I love singing along to most of this guy's songs, he hits notes that I can also hit, not too deep not too high.  Anyways, I think this could be the anthem for the significant others of those with horses.  Seriously I want to make a new music video with late night tack shopping and horse kisses!


Yes, I know over played, but I still love it (as does the hubby, lol).  Listen to it imagining she is a thoroughbred.  Lolz for days!  Obviously not all thoroughbreds...but you know that one who is totally like this.

Those were the only two for today, but I think I will be listening to the radio with new ears, keeping watch for 'horse' songs.


  1. I am I dare push the play button on these? Maybe there is a metal version ;) Love day dreaming with songs and ponies!

  2. Too funny! I think you and I would have a great time jamming out to the radio together!

  3. Ermagerd my horse is Taylor Swift.

  4. I seriously don't get the first one appeal. It just sounds so whiny to me. But had a good chuckle at new context for both.

  5. Haha, I love the imagery for the Taylor Swift Song and a TB!

  6. LOL - TBs as taylor swift??!! i love it!!! haha