Thursday, January 15, 2015

Post 201

Woah how did that happen?  My last post was number 200, I'm amazed.  I have loved getting to know all of you amazing bloggers and look forward to the adventures of the next two hundred posts!
Because funny.
Things I hope the next two hundred posts include?  Shows and satin!  Because P-Diddy demands that he has some beribboned photos, I know I shouldn't get my hopes too high since it is still his first year off the track, but one of my favorite quotes is:
 *the nerd in me really takes issue with this. 
The first time I felt him aim at the moon
I'm a dreamer, always have been, hopefully always will be.  I love getting to share my dreams here, along with the struggle to make them a reality.  While the frigid wind of winter blows through the eves I find myself dreaming of the thrill of the center-line salute, the satisfaction of nailing the strides in that triple combo, and the euphoria felt upon the completion of cross country.  That snug thump from pulling your boots on, the fight to contain every fly away wisp of red hair in my hairnet, the pull and snap of the electrical tape as I boot up my partner.  My heart beating in my throat in anticipation, and the sudden clarity and calm as we come out of the start box.  The feel of my wool coat and silk stock tie encouraging my shoulders back and chin up.  Getting up before the sun for an early groom session and walk about before the mundane tasks of stall cleaning and bucket scrubbing.  All these things and more I hope will litter the contents of my next 200 posts.  Where will we be, what will we be doing?  So much can and will happen and I am giddy with the excitement of seeing what is around the bend.  I will do my best to find the joy in each step of the way.
Never stop exploring.  (Checking out Sedona, AZ)


  1. I love this post. It sums up so perfectly your attitude about life and I love reading about your adventures in such a positive light. All the best to you and P Man in you next 200 posts! :)

  2. congrats on the 200!! can't wait to see what's next for you and Prisoner !!

  3. I have no doubt you guys will have a ball wherever the year takes you!
    Aim high & have fun - that is after all why we play with the pretty ponies!
    Congrats on 200 (i can't believe I am steaming towards 400 - scary how much waffle i spout into t'interwebs) i have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures and you amazing work ethic & approach to life. I cannot wait to see where the next 100/1000 posts take you!

    1. You are amazing, I can always depend on you for a big smile!

    2. Aw schnucks - always happy to try add some sparkle to your day ☺

  4. Congrats on 200 posts! :) May your next 200 be full of adventure and dreams come true. Loved this post!

  5. Congrats on 200! Big dreams lead to big things happening :)

  6. Congrats on 200!! I can't wait to read along on all your adventures this year!