Friday, January 23, 2015

P-Diddy is da bomb

Yep, when your 6 months off the track OTTB has a month off and then gives you two nearly perfect back to back rides sans lunging, you get to call him da bomb.
Who needs the sun when you have pink!
We walked around on the buckle and then gathered up the reins and did some halt transitions and lots of stretching down.
All the pats for this champ
In the trot we did lots of direction changes and transitions with in the gait and walk/trot transitions.  He had one moment where he thought that when I asked for the walk that he should stick his head straight in the air and keep trotting...I was like you may run into the fence now as apparently I could still turn.
So many lols
I really worked on using leg before hand and looking ahead, he had a few spots where he thought about spooking, but I added leg and he just trotted on.
In love with this Moxie quarter sheet

Also breastplate love

Cute even when blurry

Check out that engagement

He dressages like no big deal

All the happy colors
We took many walk breaks and had lots of snuggles afterwards.
Love his cute face

Selfie time

Hmmm maybe not


  1. Please come to PA and ride my pony!! Amazed at what nice work you get out of P-Diddy at this point in his training :)

    1. Thank you! If only I had my own jet...I'd be right over :-)

    2. And then carry on the Europe please, would love to have you scoop my monsters and coach moi ☺

  2. Replies
    1. I love it so much, don't wanna give it back to sprinklerbandit!

  3. he looks so cute in pink!!! lol'd at the last pic too :) glad he's doing so well!!

    1. Really the quarter sheet is red...But my coat kindof turns everything else pink ;-)

  4. He looks so good even after a month off! Love the pink!

    1. I'm so thankful for all day turnout in big fields to keep his fitness up even when the arena is frozen.

  5. I wish Bacon and I could be good at the dressaging like you fancy creatures! Such a good boy!

  6. So much ♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Super glad all is going well and that Prisoner is still such a cool dude. Coming back from the or St extended break with a "new" horse always has so many variables and unanswerable questions. It's great to not only have the reaction be nbd - but to look so awesome straight off the back is a testament to your skills.
    I may be a lot green with envy from over here #jealous