Thursday, March 12, 2015

Catch up!

This is just going to be a conglomeration of rides over the last several days as I have a lesson tomorrow and want to feel all caught up here in blog land.  After no stirrups day I set up two cross rails with placing poles on either side.  We trotted all the jumps.  There were a few slightly awkward ones, but over all it was a success.  As has been his MO for jump sessions, we warmed up forward and stretching, the first couple jumps we got all balled up, and then the rest of the jumps were soft and very pleasant.

Cool dust puff
I have video (from fence post again), but I managed to aim it at the setting sun so it is painful to watch, I won't inflict you.  The next day was going to be his day off, but the amazing Alyssa was along with her camera in tow so I hopped on for some bareback fun and we took the confirmation shot I shared yesterday.
Of recent Aztec Diamond Equestrian social media fame
I love my horse
Looking at the crazy neighbors chasing a loose horse around

All the fun!

Hubby informed me I was messing up a nice picture with my dorkiness...can't even argue.
The next day the sprinklerbandit came over and was awesome enough to drag a jump into the field!  It was warm and wind free, but the sight of a jump in his pasture made P-diddy throw a long unseen teddy bear fit.  We went to work with lots of trot before he earned more canter and the rest of the ride was awesome.  He was actually very quiet for most of the jumping.
Um hellz yeah!

P-diddy being bad ass

Awkward, but I love the loop in the rein
Seriously I could look at his trot pictures all day!

One of our earlier zoomier jumps, he ended up very soft and just cantering over them

His attempt at a fit, laughable
Finally, I had one more lovely flat ride with leg yields, shoulder in, and all the transitions!  No photos of that, but Steph was over riding Zida and teaching BO on Gunner and told me Prisoner looked amazing!  Yay!  Today's ride needs it's own post because something pink came it the mail!  It looks like this:

Practically glows in the dark!


  1. Squee Ogilvy excitement but that is for another day ;-)
    Photos are bad ass & rides sound fantastic! Ya'll are killing it *clap*

  2. Teddy Bear Fit!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, best/cutest comment.

  3. He really is a stunning boy! My friend would be sooooo jealous of that Ogilvy!

  4. Ooooo pretty pad!
    Glad to hear he is keeping up with the awesome!!

  5. The Ogilvy is awesome!! And I agree about P's trot photos - lovely to behold. =)

  6. Your Ogilvy is in my colors and it's beautiful and I want one :)

  7. oooh so much awesome here - looks like he's doing so well in his work (despite the adorable teddy bear fit haha). and that ogilvy is gorgeous!