Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Auto Awesome

I still have mush brain after driving home from Phoenix, bleeehhhhh.  It was safe and uneventful, thank goodness.  So what am I sharing with you today?  Some of my favorite editions of Google's auto awesome, yes it kindof creeps me out...but it is also super cool!
Zooming Prisoner
 It does this amazing turn multiple pictures into a panorama, and bam horse motion shots!
One of our horses in Phoenix
 It also does random black and whites.
Miss this sweet face
 And then out of the blue it does a collage and makes you tear up.
Mojito getting loves from husband and I

Possible new favorite photo here!
This one is from after my ride today.
He was awesome
Seriously guys, my horse still rocks.  He had the week off while I was gone and then yesterday we did some simple walk/trot/canter and some transitions.  Today I did some serious flatwork/dressage and he was spot on.  Guess what I have video!  I took a page out of Monica's book and videoed myself, why did I never do this before?  I just leaned my phone against a sprinkler/fence post and tadah!  Lots to work on always, but every ride is an improvement.

Also, our matching game was on point!
Navy and pink, yeah yeah!
Jump lesson tomorrow, can't wait!


  1. Fab photos & awesome video as always. Ya'll are rocking it ♡

  2. Love you guys! Great outfit. :)

  3. What is Googles "auto"?

    Glad you had some good rides in the last while!

  4. I've never heard of Google auto either.

    Love all the pic tho and the video, maybe I need to try taking some of myself!

    1. Do it! I'm thinking I need to do a post about Google awesomeness and how it works.

    2. Yes please! :) I've never heard of Google auto before either.

  5. Aww that collage of Mojito is so sweet! Glad you're home safe and duh, of course prisoner is still awesome lol

  6. You two are the cutest!!! Kind of jealous