Thursday, February 26, 2015

Need some sun

My apologies to those of you stuck in the snow!  In case you can get some vitamin D from pictures of the sun, let me help.  You guessed it, I'm back in Phoenix for a few days and the weather is fine.
Breaking you in slow with a black and white shot, this is the cute stud horse.
Baby Grunchie working that trot

Bingo the Birddog looking beautiful as always

Best hubby evah had a lead rope made in my colors!
BTW I'm sitting in the sun, by a fountain, typing on my laptop, don't kill me.
Random cute horse
The two left are Ten and the two right are Sogn, look like twins

Baby Grunchie likes to do crazy stuff with her tail #chestnutfilles
Proud Comet is a cool dude

Sogn the day before, love her dapples
I flew into LAX before catching the flight to Phoenix and we ended up flying right along the Sierra Nevadas and it was beautiful.
Lack of snow is worrisome
Lake Tahoe

Yosemite National Park

Different view
Farm ground through the central valley, somewhere near Fresno

Neat valley leading to the ocean, and an island
Downtown Los Angeles

Too many people

The OC, Santa Monica, and Malibu
Headed towards Long Beach
Well there you have it, some vitamin D via your computer screen.


  1. I'm trying to soak up the rays through the screen!
    I hope you have an absolute ball and bring the good weather back with you when you return to P, D & B ☺

  2. Great photos!

    And yes, WAYYY too many people. LOL

  3. Lol thanks for the virtual vitamins!! Looks like y'all are stayin busy and having fun - so many cute tbs!!

  4. Ohhh, I am so jealous right now. Seething jealousy!

  5. Jjjjjeeeaaalllloouuuss! It's freezing here

  6. It looks so warm! Totally jealous, but thank you for the virtual sunshine :)

  7. Thanks for sharing the sunshine! SUPER cool plane-window photos - I love how you can see the green circles from the irrigation rigs on the farmland!

  8. I might hate you just a little bit. ;)

  9. OMG these pics...I NEED the sun. Literally dying