Saturday, February 14, 2015

FOO Blog Hop: Day in the life

I actually compete open and am not eligible for amateur status, but for posterity's sake I would like to write about my typical day before I join the 'real' working world.  Winter is freaking all over the place so I will go through a typical summer day.
Between 4:45 and 5:30 Alarm goes off
10 minutes later I actually get out of bed and start the coffee (Breakfast? Hah yeah right)
Get dressed, curse coffee maker for being slow, bathroom stuff, thank God that coffee is done.
Between 5:15 and 5:45 run to car with coffee, purse, bag of clothes, bag of washed polos and saddle towels, etc etc.
Early morning driving makes for great pictures

6:00 get to the track, before this I have often taken care of my own horses or horses I am house sitting for, also I have picked up our exercise rider at his house.

6:00-9:30 groom, gallop, clean stalls, drink coffee, etc etc.  Pretty much do whatever needs done.

10:00 Get to first barn, change into breeches and ride two or three.  Drink Coffee.  Later in the summer this included Prisoner, yay!
Yep, occasionally I do western too


12:30 Next barn, ride one or two more.
On lighter days I go back to the track around 12:00 or 1 and help with lunch chores and then go to lunch with the Hubby.
Time to rake

Somewhere in here I run home to let Charlie run around and probably get more clothes.
3:00 Head out to the 100 acres where Diva and Bridger live and ride them if it isn't too hot.
Too smokey

4:00 Either still riding or doing PM chores so I can run back to the track.  Drink more coffee.
5:00 back at the track, races start at 5:30.  Change back into jeans, cowboy boots, and a cute shirt. Help bathe horses for the later races, tack horses up, lead horses to races, cool out horses, help friends with their horses if we don't have anything in.
You know we are in Charge

Waiting for the call to the paddock
Seriously makes all the hard long days worth it when you have friends like this

Apparently I had a good story to tell

Test barn when Waffles won

Good times winning with Yuma

9 or 9:30 go out to dinner with friends who help with the horses
10:30 get home
Charlie has kitty friends to hang out with

11:00 Pass out face down in my pillow


  1. Busy girl!!!! What fun, horsie filled days!

  2. That raked shedrow makes me swoon a little bit.

  3. Wow what a day you lead during the summer - I'm exhausted reading that!

    1. Somehow I used to fit school in there...don't even know how

  4. No wonder you have stupid long two point times, you're a machine!

  5. Whoa - I'm tired even reading that! I bet you are in wicked shape!

  6. busy busy - sounds like living the dream :) also - love your rake patterns!

  7. Oh summer. This time, it is going to include shows and clinics! Weeee!

  8. But...where is the sleeping? Yeah, that sounds crazy and the raking job made my OCD very happy!

  9. What a long horse filled day!

  10. Your days are literally filled with horses! So neat!

  11. What and exhausting but fun-sounding day!

  12. Sounds like a long, hard day but totally worth it!