Saturday, February 21, 2015

On a Saturday

Another person is coming to look at miss Diva today, fingers crossed again, seriously someone has to fall in love with her.  She finally got her feet done yesterday as my farrier has been out of town off and on for the last ten days.  Good news though, if the lady looking today doesn't like her, farrier is pretty sure he has a buyer for her!  How cool would that be!?
Watching the sunset with her last night
I rode Prisoner yesterday after his well earned day off post lesson amazingness.  Suprise (not a surprise) he was perfection.  I have video, but no I don't have it uploaded yet.  You guys, he could have scored in the 60's on a training level dressage test, no joke.  His trot was divine and adjustable, his canter was soft rhythmic and not too fast.  That new header is from yesterday!
ottb, dressage, stubben,
That trot, those clouds!
Gah, dressage saddle in my sights as soon as a horse sells!  Dream brands: CWD, Devoucoux, Amerigo, etc etc.  Used obviously!  I watched Gunner do a lesson with his owner yesterday at the fancy dressage barn and the trainer/owner invited me to ride in the (closed to public) Arthur Kottas clinic there in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Probably it will be cost prohibitive, but if there is any way I will totally be there, can't win events with mediocre dressage, and I truly love dressage in and of itself.  Even if I can't afford to ride in it, I will definitely go watch and take lots of notes.  Maybe someday Prisoner will have an extension like this:
Andalusian, dressage, baroque,
Favorite picture of Aero and I (yay sprinklerbandit for getting it!)
Well, looks like this post is going back to my roots of the more random stuff I can squeeze in the better.  I will finish up with a couple pictures from the lesson (thank you Alyssa) that I forgot to use.
All the smiles and check out that shiny horse!
Cutest face in the world


  1. That trot!!! He's such a beautiful horse!

  2. Woop woop for possible clinc'ing, super awesome news.
    Fingers crossed for Diva selling and a new saddle although I will miss her face ♡

  3. Yay for potential dressage saddle!! I love my Amerigo...comfy, minimalist, and have good balance. I'm not a fan of big blocks and super deep seats. I highly recommend you check them out. :)

  4. Love that photo/the new header!!! :)

  5. perfect new header picture!! the clinic sounds amazing too - hopefully you can find a way to participate with Prisoner :)

  6. That last picture is so epic, it looks like a drawing!