Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ogilvy for sale *info update

So my amazing mom bought me an Ogilvy half pad but it doesn't fit.  It is too small for my saddle.  Before I pay to ship it back to Canada I thought I would see if any of you or your friends would be interested?  It is brand new, tag still attached, hasn't even been under a saddle girthed up.  I would like to get The full $198.00 but will pay for shipping.  It is the white hunter half pad, marked 17-17.5" but I think it fits better under a 16-16.5" saddle.  I will include a picture of it sitting under my 17.5" crosscountry style saddle for reference.  Send me a message at redheadlins at gmail dot com if you are interested! 

 *Update: I spoke with the tack store this pad is from and she explained how this hunter pad is supposed to fit vs. the jumper pad.  It is supposed to be nearly invisible when under the saddle so that it is legal for competition.  While I still want the jumper cut, some of you may be more interested in this as with that info I know now that it really will fit under a 17" saddle.  It makes for a much cleaner/neater look that the jumper cut.*
Ogilvy hunter memory foam half pad
See still has the tag attached
So purdy
I guess I have it too far forward for how it is designed to fit
Would fit great under a slightly more compact saddle, this 17.5" xc type model is just to big for the pad


  1. Eeep that is small, best of luck selling and/or sending it back as the case may be.

  2. aww bummer that it didnt' work out for you!