Tuesday, February 3, 2015

C4 belts for the win

On cybermonday C4 belts ran an amazing deal that I couldn't pass up.  I ordered the light pink belt with a black chrome buckle and paid with PayPal.  I got a prompt response and it was waiting in the mail for me when I got back from Phoenix.
Hello beautiful
The packaging was slick and beautiful.  The colors matched the website.  It was love at first sight.

EEEEK so excited!
 I immediately put on my breeches with the highest waist and adjusted the buckle to fit on the tightest hole.  My thinking was that then all my other pants would fit on the looser holes, I was right.
C4, FITS, Irideon, winning
It did take me a few days to actually cut the tail, commitment issues, what if I did something wrong!?  Finally I did and I haven't looked back.
Easy as pie with a pair of scissors
I even tested the airport claims, and yes I walked straight through.  Funny story, the security guard was like don't forget your belt, and I said this is new and supposed to be airport proof, can I walk on through?  He looked at me like I was insane and was like what did you say?  *thinking to myself, oh crap I'm going to the tiny room to get interrogated.  I repeated that the belt was supposed to fine in the airport as it has no metal and he let me go through.  At that point everyone was like what brand is it!?  I informed them that they come in every color and look at C4.  Nothing beeped and I was good to go, yay one less strip step when flying!!!!!
Of course I got pink
So I've been wearing it at least a few times a week and am still in love.  Works on jeans and breeches, keeps a great shape and doesn't get dirty.  My only issue was that in the last couple weeks I noticed the buckle starting to rub.
My guess was that it was an issue with the chrome look.  My thoughts here are that it is kind of my own fault, if I'm going to rock a plastic belt I shouldn't go for a metal look.  I decided to email the company to see if it was normal or is maybe it was a faulty lot.  I emailed on a Sunday afternoon, Monday morning I had a response.  Wow!  They said that yes I was right the other buckles don't rub, it is the film that makes it look like chrome that can indeed rub off.  Then they went above and beyond and offered a new buckle in any color free of charge!  I was way impressed.  So I ordered a blue one and it was here on Friday.  Less than a week from first email to replacement buckle in my hands.  Color me impressed
All the colors
Now I have two totally different looks, and a new favorite belt.  Great products, great customer service, and a great company that supports great causes.  Go get one today!


  1. I've asked my hubs to get me one for Valentine's day. I pretty much love all the colors, so I figured it was an easy win for him. :)

  2. Ooh, fancy! I might need to get one ...

  3. I love these so much! The color choices are the coolest to play around with.

  4. I really like C4 too. Just so many options!

  5. I just got one and I love it!

  6. love it!!! i've been so pleased with mine too - and the colors are EXACTLY the same as the website :)