Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday randoms

I have so many necklaces, seriously guys it is scary.  What I found funny though are the group that I wear most often.  Talk about a theme.
Horse, horse, horse, horse, pearl.
Because what self respecting Charles Owen wearing girly girl doesn't have some everyday pearls?  Shoutout to Equestrianista here, I love my necklace from them!  It came on a super long chain, but I shortened it and now wear it all the time!  They have so many cute things, I want them all.

In some house cleaning I came across a bunch of hats that I hadn't worn in forever, they are all washed and I've been loving memory lane.
Prisoner models
I won this Eagle Fall Festival hat with Apollo six weeks after his last race doing grasshopper, back in 2008.  That consisted of a Walk/trot dressage test, logs on xc, and xrails in stadium, he was a rockstar!
Proof of rockstardom:
Still have all that tack

Headed to the finish

Like no big deal
So many it is a small world stories to go with this horse, but that is for another day.

This next hat came from 2005 when I went to Twin Rivers.  I was doing JR Novice on the infamous Reveille (heart horse, chestnut mare).  We were first after dressage in a very competitive class, then a dirty stop in stadium and an honest stop on xc put us next to last.  Oh the joys of greenies.
Yay hat
I need to find some pictures from that show.

I was wanting to post some video from yesterday, but internet/computer is being way slow so that will have to wait for later.  Here is a picture from yesterday though.
Eeeek, I love him


  1. i love all the stories behind the hats - sounds like a lot of great memories :) Prisoner looks great over that fence too!

    1. I may have to share more hat stories! Thank you, he is doing great :-)

  2. Come back to Twin this year, 10 year anniversary??!!! I'd love to see Prisoner rock around that place in person. A weekend in Paso Robles sounds delightful ;)

    1. That is a brilliant idea! Now to budget it!

  3. Ahhh! Apollo! He is BestPony and I heart him. :)

  4. I don't have pearls I guess I don't respect myself? :/

    You seriously rock them though. Never worn them myself lol

    1. I feel like I should send you some pearls just for giggles, seriously though you are amazing!