Thursday, February 5, 2015

I heart my horse

Last week my BO and I hauled over to Steph's arena for some riding on great footing.  It is the same place I had Diva a couple weeks ago with the red and black rubber in the sand.  Seriously, you could have standing water on that thing and still jump a course with zero slipping!
Having fun with Pixlr
Prisoner got off the trailer and was like, whatevs.  He stood while I bridled him up, walked around on the buckle, trotted and cantered like a pro and then went for a walkabout with no spooks.  *swoon*  I often can't believe he is really mine, I don't have to hand the reins over because he behaves.  I don't have to watch someone unravel the work I have put in, I can just keep on working with him and loving him.
That is a pony/cob sized KL Select bonnet...#ponyface
He was starting to stretch more over his topline in the canter, and was very adjustable in the trot.
Wild tails
He still braces up from time to time, but the duration is getting shorter and shorter.  I can often just close my inside leg to push him out a bit and that will release the tension.
Look at that round and shiny horse

Looking forward to leaves back on the trees

Head coming up, but keeping a steady rhythm 

Fancy boy

Loving the shadows
I am really pleased with how his body is coming along!  Check out this picture, you can really see the difference.
This is actually a few weeks ago and I think he is looking even better now.  I really can't wait for summer and the return of dapples and true shine.  I love to joke that he is my dream Connemara/TB cross and was switched at birth.  He has the floofiest mane and forelock!  It would explain how he is supposed to be so well bred and so slow.  We are hauling back again today and I am looking forward to it, can't beat a giant arena all to yourself.  I think I will probably set up a x-rail or two as well.
Time for a nap
Yes, that is him loose, sleeping, in the wind.