Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lesson time

On Tuesday we went back for another jump lesson as Steph would be out of town for the rest of the week.  We ended up doing grid work which was really fun as she sets them on an open stride to keep us from riding backwards.  Sit up, leg on, giving hands.  It was exactly what Prisoner and I needed.  He was straight down the line everytime, no questions asked.  At one point there was a placing pole he didn't quite understand, but he puts in such an honest effort and thinks and figures things out that he quickly fixed himself.  The final grid was a x-rail, one stride, x-rail, two strides, oxer, one stride vertical, no stride, x-rail.
St. Patty's day in a pink coat, no worries I had on a green shirt

See? Very green.

"ok mom you just hang on, I got this"

Awkward rail/jump, but he got it done
Awkward rail moved

He likes to feel the wind going by

Dem knees

Up to an oxer, hello scopey

Landing gear
So much love for him, look at those knees, those ears, that lip

Vertical added one stride past oxer

New facebook cover shot I believe
Oxer up to three feet, whee!
Omg his neck usage...I may be biased, but I think he is brilliant

All the kisses for that cute face

Oh hey check me out not eating mane...fist pump ya'll!
 You probably guessed it, the amazing Alyssa came and took all these awesome photos!  Seriously though, what would I do with out her?!


  1. Woohoo love the green & awesomeness oozing from this post. Ya'll are so bad ass!!!!

  2. LOVE THESE! You and P Diddy look awesome :)

  3. All you have to find is a magical camera and a person to take the pictures, because the badassness comes from you guys.

  4. lookin good!!! grids are my fave - and looks like Prisoner loves them too - he makes it look easy!

  5. Yah those knees! I think I comment some variation of that on every other one of your posts, lol

  6. Prisoner is turning into such a fancy sporthorse! <3

  7. yep, pretty nice jump on him!