Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No stirrups

As I mentioned in my last post, I dropped my stirrups and did some dressage.  I've done it a couple more times since and I'm loving it.  Somehow I had started equating no stirrups to jumping work and the hatred it inspires, but when one does not currently have a dressage saddle, dropping stirrups in the jump saddle makes for happier dressage.  Seriously we have had some rocking sitting trot, stupendous canter, and many many many great transitions!  I have also been really committed to doing some lateral work throughout every ride.
Fancy pony
 In this one I need my leg pulled a little more under me so that I can support and encourage him to lift his back a bit more and thereby engage his hind end and step through.  That said I'm still really happy with how he looks.
Pretty but a little stiff

Love the uphill
Overall the theme is needing to stretch more over the top line and step through more from the hind end.  He is starting to find his own balance more and more.  He is getting lighter on the front and in the reins and has a much larger range of tempos with in each gait.
He is getting to be very responsive to my seat and understanding subtlety.

Then I watch the video and I feel like it is all hogwash.  In an effort to stay positive though, I like my leg, I like my hands, I like most of his transitions.  I'm not a fan of when I look bouncy or when he braces up, but I really can't complain considering this is only his eighth month off the track.  Speaking of eight months off the track, check out his latest body shot by Alyssa!
Hubba hubba!


  1. Hubba hubba is right!!

    Go girl for doing no stirrups!

  2. I know how you feel after watching your own video. I think you guys look wonderful and there is a lot to be happy about there!

  3. Videos are the devils work!
    However I think you guys look awesome and he is a total babel ♡

  4. yea - feeling like it's hogwash after watching the video is kinda the story of my life haha (as is needing more no-stirrups work!). you guys look great tho - and if videos do nothing else, they at least helps us objectively figure out what needs work!!

  5. I need to get back on the no stirrups train.