Sunday, March 15, 2015


The tiny hunter Ogilvy debacle is finally solved and I have a regular sized jumper half pad in my hands (YAY MOM)!  Check out EquusNow for some great products and easy to use online ordering!  They are also on instagram @equusnow and have a great selection of Ogilvy colors!  They had a grey and pink pad in stock so I snapped it up, oh and they take Paypal, winning!
Classic Ogilvy shot

Matching the dark jewel browband
 The first day I rode in it Prisoner continued with his amazing dressage.  I have really been working on getting him to take longer strides in the trot and get that hind end moving.  It seems to be paying off as his hind feet are finally reaching up to his front feet.
 He is also getting more comfortable staying on the bit in the canter instead of constantly changing the contact.  Can I just say that I am really really really dreaming of a dressage saddle!?  I have two people coming to look at Diva and one to look at Bridger next Saturday, keep the good thoughts coming!
Pretty overload
I even have more fence post video for you.


  1. Keeping everything crossed for Diva & Bridge and of course a potential dressage saddle for P-shizzle

  2. The pink is so fun!! I love it!

  3. Love that Ogilvy! It's gorgeous!

  4. Equus Now is in my backyard! They're great :D

  5. Love your new pad! As always P is adorable :)

  6. Ok- I'm back. How did you discover the in stock Ogilvy vs the custom order colors? From the site it looks like everything is custom- would love to see what they had in stock!

  7. Ooh, the matching brow band just took it to a whole new level!

  8. Love the matching game you two got going on!