Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Work that booty

When the hubby looks at pictures of Prisoner and Bridger he always comments on how Bridger gets his hind foot all the way to his front hoof and Prisoner doesn't (in the trot).  So I have been working on pushing for more trot most of the time.
Bridger doing that warmblood thang

January, first week of riding after the snow melted
February (matching game on point)

February (current blog header)
March (loving that engagement)
March (like the more open neck here better)
March (today)
It seems to be working because now he tracks up even in just a regular working trot.
Last October
This picture was his biggest possible trot last year, and now that is a more regular trot for him.  I'm looking forward to seeing how his trot continues to improve as his hind end gets stronger.  I think I might compile a slomo progression video of trot clips, the things equestrians think are cool.  Things I do to keep him from just rushing include using my leg like a big hug instead of kicking, pushing my hands towards his mouth so that he can stretch over his topline and cover the ground with longer steps, many transitions with in the trot to help him keep regaining his balance, etc.  


  1. The progression he's made is amazing!

  2. He's made SO much progress!! I'm working on that same kind of trot with my Quarter right now. I'd love to see some video. :) It's great to hear how you get him to make this progress.

  3. Engagement is always a good thing to push for! :) All the progress he's made in such a short time is really astounding. It says a lot about your program and his brain, for sure!

  4. Wow! It's so cool to see the progression in engagement through photos :)

  5. great progress!! i like your points about keeping him from rushing too... my mare has a big lovely trot in there somewhere, but i can only find it occasionally (and usually w quite a bit of pep talking from a trainer haha)

  6. That's my homework to work on with Simon too.

  7. Trot poles really helped Miles learn to stretch those legs. I like to set two sets: the first is four poles, each 1 3/4 human steps apart and the second set is four poles 2 human steps apart. That way he can really learn to step out.

  8. Serious progression happening here!
    Love that you have so many awesome photos to track all the greatness ya'll are achieving!

  9. Yes to the video progression!! You're right on point with the leg to hand philosophy as his balance improves and muscles build he's just going to keep getter fancier!