Friday, March 6, 2015


So the same day that Tracy at Fly on Over made the adorable 'scope' meme for Bay with Chrome I posted a scope picture of Prisoner and one of my friends commented the most adorable thing, so I made my own 'scope' meme!
Dem knees
For readers not sure what this scope/minty/mouthwash reference is all about here is a picture and link to the product we are referring to.
Personally I prefer Prisoner's pony breath.
Photo from Scope's website.

I had the best ride today on my adorable ponykins.  We started with poles, but it just wasn't the day for them so I dropped my stirrups and did dressage.
Love him
I have video too, so once I get it uploaded I will do a full write up.  In the meantime here is video from 'scope' day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


  1. he's looking great!!! love the meme too :)

  2. I'm feeling particularly dumb and don't understand the mouthwash comment *blush*
    P looks awesome as always ♡♡♡♡

    1. Ps I'm not sure when Mojito was added to your blog background, but I've only just noticed and love it *hugs*

    2. I've updated the post with mouthwash explanation for international readers;) Thanks for noticing Mojito, I kind of snuck him in there.

    3. Aw thanks for the update.
      That Mojito pic is ♡

  3. I love how enthusiastic he seems to be about his job! Such a good boy :)

  4. We're going to have to start a Prisoner fan club, because I am OBSESSED with him.

  5. Haha! Great minds think alike :D