Monday, January 20, 2014

Foggy but smiling

Saturday afternoon was still foggy, but the sprinklerbandit and I ventured out for horse riding adventures.  Hugging a horse is good for the soul.
I love this guy so much
We took turns taking pictures of each other, I always get a laugh that the pictures I take are on her blog and the pictures she takes are on my blog.  Speaking of pictures she took, check out how cool the 100 acres looked:
Sunshine and fog battle it out
If there wasn't a house between those two hills I would totally ride off into the mist
Mist sounds so much more romantic than fog.
So while needing some laughs the last few days I've been overdosing on YouTube Jimmy Kimmel videos, the funny thing is I managed to glean a great quote!

"Its not the time in your life, its the life in your time" ~Bruce Springsteen.

How awesome is that?

So at the end of last week Mojito got worked on by the chiropractor.  Finally.  The session lasted over an hour, and by the end Mojito was moving like a new horse.  Between the teeth last fall and the body work now he is finally ready to be ridden.  And ride him I did.  I tried my Pessoa on him, and it didn't fit in the least.  So I tried my Stubben next and it actually fit great, woohoo!  I stuck on his bridle and off we went.  It was amazing, he walked forward with his head down with no balking.  A few times he would tense, sort of like a horse would pre-spook, but I think it was just his way of assessing how he felt.  It would last for a second and then he would relax and drop his head further while stretching out his walk stride.

More pets

Sleeping on the job

Quiet moment

 Seriously this horse is amazing, it was below freezing and he hasn't been ridden in months and I didn't lunge or anything and we just walked around on a soft rein like we do it everyday!
Lets pretend he is bigger than 15.2 for my leg to still not come any lower
I can't wait to see what he can do!
So like I said, foggy...

and smiling


  1. Yay, so glad that all went well for you guys - what a great way to spend the weekend. may you have many more happy spins in the very near future. :D

  2. Glad you got to ride your fuzzy Mojito, and what beautiful pics, I love 'mist'. Your Stubben looks pretty comfy glad one of your saddles still fits.

    1. Is is so comfy! And yes me too, I thought his giant tummy with no topline might make that difficult:)

  3. Yeah Mojito! And I'm so glad you can be there for Aimee. <3

    1. I'm pretty excited about him. Aimee is a great friend:)