Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What am I dreaming about?

Well I guess what I'm really dreaming about is actually getting registered for school this semester. #moneywoes   Sorry couldn't help the hashtag, it just fit.  I mean seriously school, I should be graduating in May, give me some slack.

Ok, so onward to happier topics, sort of.  We are back to not reaching above thirty during the day and that means that our still wet arenas are like giant sandy ice blocks.  Normally near thirty temps will induce the arena to melt a bit, but we have no sun.  Not kidding here, it is foggy still, and no I'm not calling it mist.  Hella depressing all a y'all.  Combine that with a main client who hasn't paid and has quit answering the phone and grandma in the hospital for almost pneumonia and I'm trying to shuffle backwards away from a meltdown as fast as I can.

Opps, sorry that wasn't any happier, for reals though this is what I'm dreaming about:

What? How did that get in there?

Ok, this is it, I think my fingers have been taken over by lack of sleep!  The piece of tack I am currently lusting after is this: OMG, I ride a horse that has one, I want one the size of my mattress!
So because I have no new riding pictures I'm going to list the amazing imaginary things that I could do with one.
1. Sleep on one, it would magically heal my arthritis
2. Use one on Mojito, he would magically win novice by fall
3. Use one on Gunner, he would magically become a reliable jumper
4. Use one on Diva, she would just keep being awesome
5. Sit on one in the car, my tail bone wouldn't hurt
6. Everything would be magical!
Black with pink piping, burgundy trim, and my initials please;)


  1. I have been wanting an ogilvy for awhile now. That is definitely where part of my return is going! Navy suede with white piping and black trim/ binding. :)

    1. I struggle with custom colors, really I want one of each!

  2. You guys are making me want to buy things...

  3. Aren't we just a puddle of joy. Pass the carbs!

  4. Really want an Oglivy in my barn colors. I'm making myself be satisfied with a thinline pad because I need something shimmable right now... but really want the pretty.

    1. You beat me too it Hillary! Yes Lauren check it out you can get shims, squee!

  5. Hi! Is your Crosby a Med/wide? I might be interested in it! You an email me at" xniamhx at gmail dot com