Friday, January 17, 2014

Swirling fog

So on Wednesday we had lots of this:
Photos of each other



Funny faces
Alyssa on Gunner
So much wonderful sunshine!  Then the fog came rolling in:
Gunner's ears on Friday
And Thursday in the midst of all that swirling fog sprinklerbandit and I had the most terrible of jobs.  The time had come for Cuna (the best big red gelding around) to join his friends in the clouds.  While I was never a major player in his life, I'd known Cuna for many many years.  He has been a staple builder of confidence in this area, and his final chapter with Aimee couldn't have been better.  They were meant to be and blossomed in each other's care.  With the red truck, red trailer, and red horse we drove to the vet talking about anything but the present.  Then on the way home it was painful silence, the somber weather fitting the mood.  I could find no words, I don't know that there were any to say at that point.  The pain of loosing a horse, the pain of that final goodbye, and that final brush of your hand over a glossy coat is nearly more than a heart can take.  Yesterday brought back memories of two very special mares snatched from my hands two years ago.  Just when I think I've moved on or past it the wound rips back open and the tears issue forth.  Tears for Charmer, tears for Asbury, and now tears for Cuna and Aimee.  The outpouring of support for our intrepid sprinklerbandit has been incredible, the horse community, and blogging horse community are a special group.  So as I told Ellie (who wrote Cuna's amazing tribute), when our sadness has subsided it is time to plan for some epic spring time fun to put joy back in our hearts and honor those four footed angels that brought us to where we are.
Charmer, OTTB mare that hubby had raised
Asbury, the biggest heart in the smallest horse

Cuna, angel in a horse suit


  1. Lovely post at a very sad time.
    My heart goes out to you all *hugs*

  2. Heartbreaking. Lovely tribute from a lovely friend.

  3. Happy you were able to be there for her, even if it's hard.