Monday, January 13, 2014

Show me your barn blog hop!

It is still above freezing and we still have snow, and mud, and water everywhere, bleck.  So lets check out some sunnier pictures of where my horses live.
It's blog hop time!! The Process of Learning and the sprinklerbandit wanted to do a "show us your barn" series to give us something to think about other than winter. Thanks guys! 

It's time for a blog hop of barn tours! Ever wonder where your horsey Blogger friends spend most of their day?  Want to show off the amazing place you get to keep your fur child? Now is your chance to share and get to know your friends just a little bit more!
Here's how it's going to work; its simple and fun!
Share with us the following 5 photos:
  1. A View of the Barn
  2. Your Horse's Living Space
  3. The Tack Room
  4. View of Where You Ride
  5. Your Favorite Feature of Your Facility 

1. view of barn: Well I don't have a barn so much as a giant field.
Lucky ponies with crazy lots of turnout
In case you want to join my winter bleck check out the sweet mess it was yesterday
Yes that is water flowing down the hill because the ground is still frozen an inch down.  But the horses are content and this too shall pass.

2. Horse living space, um same as above
3. The tack room. So this is my semblance of a barn, but it isn't for horses just stuff.
So cute

Love the classy wood
And who can forget this guy?
I love bridles!
4. View of where I ride: So lucky here, I may not have an arena but I have 100 acres of naturally sandy footing.
My 'circle' 

Same place
 This 'circle' is close to my tackroom, flat and fenced on two sides.  Also it is next to their field so it avoids frantic screaming and running by the two I'm not on.
But the open space is amazing


Riding in Diva's and the boy's field 
5. Favorite feature?
The sunsets!

Trailer and car in my 'circle'
I used to keep my horses at my mom's place, but she moved.  So a very good friend that owns this place let me move in (well my horses not me).  We take turns feeding morning and night and it is totally laid back.  I brought some of my own fencing and water tanks and feeders and such.  She has three adorable ponies and two Andalusian/TB crosses.  The strange pile o' stuff seen above is her 'boneyard.'  She is an amazing deal finder and is just finishing up the house with almost all deals.  The 'boneyard' is the left overs and has actually been organized and cleaned up since these pics were taken.  I'm kind of on the backside of things and cleaned out my area.  There are future plans for arenas, but as far as board for free/trade I can't complain.  The arena you have all seen pictures of me riding Diva (and Gunner, Zyda, Gigi, Courage, and Bridger) in is actually where sprinklerbandit is and she did a lovely barn tour.  I ride the BO's horses in exchange for board so that is where my guys are for random weeks.


  1. I love my friend's back yard barn, but I do sometimes miss the arena. Your place looks great!

  2. Dang, wish I was still able to do this!

  3. Oh, looks nasty now. I love your place in good weather though. Super jealous of the hacking.

    1. When it gets warm...we will do all the hacking!

  4. You always have the prettiest sunset pictures!

  5. Sunsets & hacking...doesn't get much better than that. Although I'm a sissy & love the comfort of arenas during the "dark" months!

    Woopsy I stuffed up choosing my photo when I linked my blog - also I'm not sure how to get list of links to appear on my there a code to copy & paste? Sorry I'm a bit of a technophobe! *blush *

    1. This is the link with the html code you need

  6. Love the inherent ease of your barn! No fuss- just pure gorgeous!