Friday, January 10, 2014

Home from a week in the sun

 My yard has six inches of snow in it, bleck!  Why did I come home?  Ok enough whining, I had a lovely week and I missed my ponies and Charlie and the kitties.
Zelda attacking our housesitter
It was a great vacation.
No sun at the beach

But the water was more blue than I have ever seen

Looking back towards Santa Monica from the end of the pier
I flew to Phoenix and then drove to the Los Angeles area with Eugene to spend the weekend with family.  We made a trip to the beach, the amazing tack store by Santa Anita, and ate food with family here and there and everywhere.  I also rode a horse that will soon be retiring so I can keep an eye out for a suitable OTTB replacement.
Mr Eq horse doing a flying change with me
After that we headed back to Arizona for fun times at the track.
Zoom Zoom

So much sun
And a incredible sunset every night
I also rode a young one for his first cruise around the backside, such a cutie!
Whose butt is bigger;)
I'm thinking about starting a second page here with posts for each of the ready to retire future OTTB's that I come across, who knows maybe we can find them some homes!?  Why?  Because I want them all, but I don't live in a fairy tale and can't have them all.  


  1. Welcome home. The rehome page sounds like a great idea. :)

  2. Love the pic of Zelda - her expression is great! hahaha

  3. you don't live in a fairy tale??????

  4. Welcome back from the trip :) I loved seeing all the CA and track pictures! Looks like you had a fab time!

    The second page sounds awesome!

  5. I want another! Too bad I don't live in a fairy tale land either. :/

  6. We need to get Les Bois CANTER going. :D