Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwing it back

I had to laugh.  I complained about a race owner not paying for three months yesterday morning and less than an hour after posting the owner called Eugene and apologized and sent a check, it should be here soon.  So as the saying goes I threw something out there and it got thrown right on back.  Now if the half pad would get thrown back;)

I continue to move forward on the school front.

The next thing I need to move forward on is getting CPR certified so that I can get hired at the hospital.  What!? A regular paycheck!?

*News alert here, Hawley Bennet-Awad is coming to clinic here in May!!!!!  Diva is totally going to be there!

Can't wait to get dressed up, maybe Diva will refrain from sneezing!
And because I still have no new riding pictures or video, lets dream about riding on the beach: