Sunday, January 26, 2014

Un-bucket list

I've seen this flitting around and thought I would do one since it is still foggy!
In-case any of you haven't seen it, an un-bucket list is a list of things that you have done.  A way to be positive and thankful about your life.
1. Ride a stallion
2. Ride in the mountains
3. Ride 50 miles in one day
Peppy Le Pu, the Arabian stallion that taught me to ride*
4. Start a horse (actually many horses)
Roanie pony, the first horse I backed (I was 11)*
5. Earn the nick name 'velcro butt' (referring to ability to not fall off)
6. Do dressage flying changes
7. Catch ride
8. Run preliminary
Drop into water

Giant house

9. Ride on the east coast circuit (Events)
Novice at the Fork

10. Gallop racehorses (at more than one track)

11. Clean stalls for the Oconners and Donna Smith (NZL rider)
Riding over to O'town*

12. Train and sell OTTBs
Yes I have a cast on. *

First OTTB
13. Teach (and get paid) lessons
14. Successfully retrain problem horses
15. Win at first level
16. Show client horses
Tino, now living at a fancy barn in California with his new owner*

Gotta love a halfie!**

17. Paddock racehorses

18. Win at novice
Heart horse
19. Have the most amazing horse friends (I know totally sappy, but I really do!)
20. Pony racehorses

21. Gallop in the foothills

22. Be a scribe on a test for Buck Davidson at Plantation
I also rode my first training there!

23. Ride down a road

24. Watch a foal be born
25. Get back on after falls
26. Fight tooth and nail for confidence
27. Compete through 3'6" Jumpers

28. Compete pony against adults in 3'
This was 2'6" think how big 3' looked for him!*

29. New years brunch at the Oconners
O'town is in the trees. 99% sure this is the water jump in the training videos on EN last week

30. Win award for finishing on lowest dressage score at a USEA event
Loved her so much*

31. Win JR event rider of the year for Idaho (lets not talk about how long ago that was)
Won this nice vest
32. Ride musical freestyles
Nanananana Batman!*
33. Participate in ICP training

Darren Chiacchia explains to me*
34. Be in Jimmy Wofford's cross country book
Doing the correct thing no less

Ok so I started in a semi-chronological order, then I gave up.
This list is making me want to do an un-bucket list of injuries, call me morbid.
*Thanks to my mom for photographing my entire life!
**Thanks to Alyssa for pictures as well!


  1. What a great idea, fab un-bucket list!
    Brilliant's only going to get longer with your current crew being so awesome.

    1. You are too sweet:) its been a dry spell horse wise so I'm really looking forward to these guys!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the idea, it was a fun trip down memory lane!

  3. So jealous of all your accomplishments! What a list.

  4. Really awesome list, I'm still working on mine, but you definitely have lived a very full riding life in such a short time.

  5. *sigh* I'm a little jealous... ;)
    Additionally, I had to tell my husband about your blog! You see, he took me to dinner, where I tried some fancy mojito concoction. Every time I took a sip of my mojito, I thought about My Mojito!!
    I know it's silly. Hubby thought it was pretty neat, though. =D

    1. Even funnier when you are under the influence of... Mojito!! LOL

    2. LOL! Everything is funnier with 'mojito'

  6. That's Apollo in the "Train and Sell OTTBs" photo!! *swoon* :D

    1. Yes it is, I'd recognize that tail anywhere;)

    2. Hahaha! Yep, I'd know that face anywhere too!

  7. I think you might be my hero. So many good things on your list!

    1. Haha I think everyone's lists so far are pretty awesome, but thank you:)