Saturday, January 11, 2014

Joining the review bandwagon

Well, sort of.  I wasn't patient enough to type something out so I made a video.  Likely the video took as long to make as typing a few paragraphs, but as you all know I'm obsessed with pictures.  The video is way longer than planned and I didn't even include all the pictures that I could have.
Just fought with the video embedder for 15 minutes, sorry all you get is a link.
As I went through all the pictures and tried to make some semblance of order I was blown away by the sheer quantity.  Wow, what a year.  Here I was thinking I didn't do enough and there my pictures were saying, look at everything you did do.
Mojito thinks about the year
So I guess next I should start looking forward.  That is a bit difficult what with the snow, mud, ice, and general muck.  Life is going to be way up in the air for the next several months with school finishing and applying to PA school, but this is all about horses so I will just toss some horse goals out there and we will see where they land.
1. Do solid novice with Diva
2. Show and probably sell Bridger
3. Ride Mojito
4. Attempt to keep hands in pockets when it comes to new horses

There you have it, my goals.  No worries, I plan to flesh those out in the next few weeks.
*also updated my header picture:)


  1. Lol, hands in pockets with new horses ;)

  2. Sadly I couldn't see video, YouTube has something blocked "in my country" - I feel likeBorat writing that...random but there ya go!

    Great goals, best of luck with them - I need to do a similar post myself. I have one in the works but with a slightly different slant to it as someone's one year anniversary is coming up! :-D

    Also I love the idea for your re-homing page! And agree with your earlier post that if all docs looked like the cast of Greys I'd spend a lot more time being sick! You can have Alex - I wants Avery!!!

    Ps: always love your sun-photos, sadly fell off the instagram wagon over xmas. Hope to find my way back soon though...miss your cute critters!

    1. Gotta love rules...NOT! (Borat?) The music I used on the video didn't like being used, we can't view it on phones here in the state, but I really didn't want to change the songs...maybe I will.
      I'm cracking up here, glad we won't have to argue over who gets who;)