Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Woot woot

I am officially in every class I need this semester, which means that I applied for graduation.  I was literally skipping around campus.  No worries about people thinking I'm crazy, because I'm already 'that girl' who wears riding clothes.  Hey, I figure if people can come in scrubs from work I can come in breeches from work.  In case you are thinking that it is a small campus so it is easy to be 'that girl' nope, we have about 20,000 students.

Its a good thing I had some fun and exciting news because this is what the weather gave us this morning:

The hot fence coated in ice
Liquid ice was falling from the sky, and it froze to everything it touched.  The joys of rain at 32F.  Then in typical Idaho fashion the weather couldn't make up its mind about what to do.  It rained/snowed/sleeted all at the same time!  BLECK!
View from my front door
 Oh Idaho.

Also on the exciting news front, this blog hit the 45 followers and 10,000 page views mark!  Thanks guys, I never really planned on getting there.  I'm not in a position to do any sort of contest etc, but I will keep the thought around and when it works I will do one.

So I've been so tired of the grey that I haven't even taken pictures of my ponies for a few days.  One can only look at so many muddy, icy, ungroomed pictures of my horses.  So here are a couple from this fall that my mom took that I never posted:
I think I spotted a hole, but check out her hind end engagement!

A nice sunny afternoon:)


  1. I went to a school with more than 50,000 students and I still got looks like that when I showed up in riding clothes!

  2. Replies
    1. Soon, soon we will be riding in the sun again!

  3. Getting every class is huge! That was always a struggle for me at my giganto university.

    1. plus money always makes me last minute, I am master of getting permission numbers;)

  4. Congrats on impending graduation!
    Fab photos of the Diva as always :-D

  5. Graduation graduation graduation!!

    Love the last picture!!