Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter tundra

I need to work on some interesting topics to muse on while I can't ride my ponies.  I've survived the flu and am now just congested.  Thursday I finally get to go see the hubby, its been two months!  And speaking of two, our second anniversary snuck by last month, it is just insanity.
Our invites mentioned spending the one day we aren't covered in hay and horse hair with us
We have been reaching the balmy mid 30's this week, but the ground is so frozen and covered in snow it isn't helping with riding conditions at all.

Some of you follow my instagram, sorry for all the repeats.  The moment the Christmas/New Year's crazies are over I want to ride, but the snow is not accommodating.  Maybe it is keeping me from over doing it in the cold and getting more sick.  I was wanting to ride so much yesterday that I was reduced to taking video stills.
At least it is a cool picture
Happy New Year to everyone!