Monday, November 2, 2015

All the feels

Aimee posted this today.  She sums things up well.  This, just the morning after another evening group message chin up buttercup session.  Really guys, I couldn't ask for better friends.
Always adventure time
Do we have rough patches?  Very occasionally yes, but that is ok.  We are all humans after all.  What matters though is that when one of us is down the other ones pick us back up.  When the inside of my own head is a dangerous and hostile place, they get me out of it.  We laugh, we cry, we laugh some more.
Moar pie!
Also we eat together, friends that eat together stay together...or something like that.
I'm a terrible influence
Then there is the coffee addiction.  I have a friend in Georgia, she never drank coffee...then I brought her to Starbucks.  I have this friend Aimee, she never drank coffee...then I introduced her to mochas.  I have this friend Alyssa, she still doesn't drink coffee...but flavored hot chocolates are da bomb.  So there you have it, ponies, pie, and coffee.
#musketeer style


  1. Ahh...lovely. Also, the new header photo=amazing!

  2. Awww...y'all are so sweet on each other!

  3. i love it! also sweeeet cooloer :D

  4. It's too bad we don't also, like, work out together, or something. Oh well. I like pie more.

  5. Aw you guys are so cute! Love this!

  6. The musketeers are unbeatable. We are kind of like the justice league. But with more pie and ponies. And more pink.

  7. So fun! I want barn friends like you guys!!

  8. Aww I wish I had fun barn friends like this! Love your new header pic too :)