Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pink Zorro

OMG I love him!
Last Tuesday was the last jump night of the year.  It of course had to be scary jump night!  We all dressed up with our horses, did a costume contest, and equitation contest, and a high jump.  There are about a thousand photos so here they are in no particular order.  Thanks to Alyssa's hubby for taking them!
Not too far to the top of the standards
 The high jump was So.Much.Fun!  It started at about 3' and quickly went up.  Prisoner was perfect you guys.  We finally ticked with a hind hoof at 3'9" and it was 100% my fault.
See, not quite straight
 As we came around to the 3'9" jump I had just a split second looking at that one rail floating way up there in the air so he looked too.  I quickly put my leg back on and away we went, but the moment of hesitation was just enough to get him on not quite the perfect stride.
Complete with spiders
 Either way he was still great!

I absolutely was so impressed with him.
3'6" complete with a cape


Starting out

Do you recognize the horse next to me?
 I really am pretty lame at Halloween.  I'd found a pink mask for $5 when I was at a craft store with Alyssa last week.  Then I had to figure out what would go with it.  Well, obviously all my pink tack and clothing.  Last year though I did pretty much the same thing, but added a bow and arrow and called my self Cupid.  I really thought I would have a better idea this year, nope.  So call me pink Zorro.  I even wore a cape!

No mistaking which one is me

Bacon makes my horse look really tiny
I had a pretty funny conversation with friends over dinner after we were done riding.  We were discussing costumes and I mentioned that I had never dressed up as something creepy.  Growing up I was either a princess, or a fairy princess, or Pippy Longstockings.  That's about it, I just rotated through.  And living in the northwest it usually involved a parka over the top as invariably the first snow would come the last night of October.  I digress.  One of my friends about choked on her wine and asks, 'is there really a difference between a princess and a fairy princess?'

 I promptly listed several differences, and she said the pink suddenly made more sense.  Seriously though guys, someday when the Husband and I have a kid I really won't know what to do if it is a boy.  Not like I can specify between a firefighter and a fairy firefighter...well, no.
Possible that the cape it just a tank top tied around my neck
 The 'equitation' class was pretty intense.  I didn't count, but there had to be close to 20 horses (several off the track) all walk trot cantering around the arena and half of it was done without stirrups.  Again I was very impressed with my horse, he didn't even lose it when another (older more experienced horse) horse ran into us.
Who needs stirrups when you have pink?

Awkward posting without stirrups

Fancy horse

Rule number one, be very aware

He never even spooked at any of the costumes 

Never gonna grow up #horsepeople

All the colors

Sweet cape action

Tiny cross rail where I manage to get left behind

Pretending that whip is my sword, note the rose in his breastplate

Prisoner may be up for sainthood

Borrowed my friend's hot pink patent DSBs

Can I ride with a cape everyday???

And my pink sparkle mask??
Did I mention my horse can fly?

You can see where I hesitate and he swaps leads, oh well, we will master it next time.


  1. What an epic way to celebrate Halloween & end the jumping lessons on a literal high.
    You guys are amazing!

  2. Wow, look at how far Prisoner has come! 3'9" looks HUGE with just that one pole floating up there!

  3. So much fun!!!

    I feel the exact way about if I ever had a girl. I wouldn't know how to do pink, or makeup. I'd have to give in and just give her a pony!

  4. So much fun!!!

    I feel the exact way about if I ever had a girl. I wouldn't know how to do pink, or makeup. I'd have to give in and just give her a pony!

  5. I felt the same way about having a baby boy at first, but I assure you it's the absolute best! I figure when he's old enough to go do stuff he and my hubs can take off and do guy things & I'll have even more time for all.the.ponies.

  6. lol everything about this is awesome!!! prisoner looks fab in pink and i want so badly to come to one of these jump nights haha, or try to organize something similar around here ;)

  7. There is obviously a difference between a princess and a fairy princess.

  8. Why can't we do this every week?