Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dressage Yo

So the last several posts have been totally jump based.  Probably because we did jumping and jump style flatwork for a month straight.  Guys I was having french dressage saddle withdrawals.  Total first world problems.
Hello precious
I've had a few rides back in it and after Prisoner realized that yes he still has to do dressage things we were golden.
Cute horse makes it difficult to look up
I am riding tipped forward, thank you month in jump tack, but other than that I have been really pleased.  We had to recover some of his flexibility in the trot, but you guys his canter, swoon.  I think all the work on getting better self carriage for jumping totally translated into better self carriage in dressaging.  I guess that is obvious, but it was nice to experience theory working in action.

Um hello
I could stare at this trotting picture for a long time, possible I already have.  I also need to carry a whip for a few rides to help him step under better with his right hind in the lateral work.  I think I will also work on it from the ground.  Can't beat good ground work.
Or good outfits
I think I need to get a dark jewel strand for my browband in these colors.  Yes I do think that pink and turquoise go together!  Our summer roommate forgot her pink DSB's and I'm totally using them a couple times before I send them to her.  Anyways, overall I'm very pleased with his progress.  
Pink to brighten up the grey clouds
Here is the video.  Always room to improve, but look at how the canter is getting less rocking horse and more dressage horse.


  1. French dressage saddle withdrawals are a real and very serious thing. I can sympathize 100%.

  2. oooh you definitely need a dark jewels strand in those colors! i've been lusting after one of my own for like, ages at this point haha

  3. Prisoner and Bobby are switching places! Bobby's in jumping and flat work for jumping boot camp now. I hope it helps his canter work, too!

  4. *swoon*
    Oh to be as awesome as you guys some day...awesome colour coordination goals included