Saturday, November 28, 2015


The four legged variety.  Most years we have one or two beautiful Thoroughbred babies.  It is so fun to watch them grow and then train and race them, and then finally get them all set up for a second career.  This year we have a chestnut filly (Mckenna Warrior) and a bay colt (Baby Blakers).  Mckenna is out of a plain bay mare who has produced two plain bay colts and a plain bay stallion.  She looks like this:

One month old
 Swoon!  So here are a bunch pictures of this year's babies.

Baby Blakers already being sassy

About a week old here, born the end of March

The day Mckenna was born, mid April

Fluffy baby

Laughing our way through July

Getting rid of that baby coat

Typical siblings

The whole herd in September

Cover of Bloodhorse anyone?

Can I haves her?

She is giant!

Blakers just wants cookies

Big babies (the hubs is 6')
Pretending to be a Quarter Horse

Snuggle time

Winter coat is THICK!

Apparently her new favorite pose

Nap time for Blakers
So there you have it, babies babies babies!  I have more pictures I need to find and organize.  Seriously though we are going to have to figure out some sort of epic battle to decide who gets Mckenna when she is done racing, because hello gorgeous!


  1. ;-) Count me out in the battle for the chestnut mare. I'll keep score for the participants.

  2. Sooo cute!! I'm kind of hoping that our QH mare is bred because omg...I love babies.

  3. Those are some cute babies!! McKenna - love those alternating stockings!

  4. Squeeeee so much cute - I cannot handle it!!!!

  5. Beautiful babies, and great pictures!

  6. Epic battle? Nah. Just send her to meeeeeeee! ;)

  7. those are some seriously cute babies!!!

  8. Totally made my day! Squeeeeing sooo much so cute!