Monday, November 30, 2015

Dressage stuff

In what feels like a lifetime ago Aimee came over and took some pictures of Prisoner and I, then I went and took pictures of her...and we thought we were cold.  HAHAHAHAHA!  Whatever the temp was then would feel balmy now.  Oh Idaho.  My phone informed me that the high tomorrow would be significantly warmer than today, 28 degrees, actually phone I don't appreciate hearing about how 28 degrees is warm.
This is what we do when it is less than 20 degrees
In all reality I would ride in these temps, except it rained while the temps dropped and the arena resembles concrete currently.  Fingers crossed the forecast doesn't change for the worse as right now it is saying that riding could happen on Wednesday.
How was this a week ago???
So back to our great dressage ride!
Black bridle, brown reins, I need to remedy this
 We played with wrap liners and decided that Prisoner is too much of a pony for them to look good.  He seriously has the shortest front cannons.
Yeah, I've got all the colors
 I warmed him up with lots of changes of direction in a stretchy trot, he really loves powering around.
Vroom vroom
 After he was feeling loosened up I added in some leg yield and shoulder in.  He is slowly starting to understand this concept, but I am working to get him more supple about it.  I would like him to move looser and freer in the side to side stuff.
Solid three tracks
 I hope that as we gain more suppleness all around that he will track up easier.  That is definitely currently his most weak dressage thing.  I almost think it is a bit confirmational, like his legs are too short to reach each other in the trot.  Tudor has long legs for days and tracks up with out even trying and even has a somewhat weak hind end.
But who care, he has the cutest face
 It ended up being probably one of our best flat schools.  Short, sweet, and to the point, Prisoner just seemed to understand the job.
Love the bend from nose to tail
 One thing that has seen significant improvement over the last few months have been our trot to walk transitions.  He used to just throw his head in the air, right at that last moment as the trot turns into walk.  The solution has been keeping him thinking forward and straight through the transition.  Now when we have a bad trot to walk transition we can blame it all on me.
Pretty horse, fugly riding
 All of his other transitions are pretty spot on.  We get the correct canter lead 99% of the time and his is willing for upward and downward between gaits and within the gaits.
Point those toes
 He actually has a very powerful trot that throws me around if I'm not careful, possibly I need to do some planking or something.  Maybe that would fix what ever the heck it is that I'm doing here:
Just no
 Seriously though, how cute is my horse??
Notice the silver tail
 Side note from the dressaging, his tail is not dirty in these pictures, those are white hairs you see.  I swear he is trying to grow a trendy silver tail.
Short fat pony legs...and human legs
 He still leans in a bit at the canter, but not bad for being 15 months off the track.
Please come back thawed arena
 He has a very fun canter to ride, he is willing to collect for small circles or to go big around the arena.  After we canter his trot always gets better.
 I like my position in half of these pictures and in the other half I can hear my dressage trainer's Swiss accented voice telling me to sit on my back pockets.  My plan is to actually get in for some dressage lessons towards the end of December or in January.
There we go
 I look forward to those sore dressage lesson muscles, they are so satisfying.
Swooning at how his neck is developing
 I have been working to push my hands towards him so that he reaches for the bridle and builds a better topline, but I need to watch that I don't drop the contact.
Sitting up better
 I also need to spend more time in the canter.  I am bad about a few good circles each way and calling it a day.  I need to make use of all those coolers I have from race wins!
Work that boot P-Diddy
 He stands up a bit better to the right, but he struggles more to turn.
Wild mane!
 Our goals for next year are to break into the 20's at our events and if the budget permits maybe hit up some dressage shows.

Should have worn my spurs
 I love his willingness to try new things.  This summer he struggled with body soreness, but in the last month or two it hasn't flared up at all!
Whoops, too bent
 Can I just say that I love how curvy he is!?  He really isn't fat at all, he is just building up some great muscles.
Reasons they need joint support
 In case you are wondering why I am sporting nearly rust colored breeches?  They are warm and fleecy and wind proof, that's why.
Favorite canter shot from the day
 Check out that hind leg reach!
Favorite trot shot
There you have it, dressage stuff.


  1. He looks awesome! I just love how he is developing!

    1. Thanks! His body has been changing shape so much this fall.

  2. our ring turns to concrete too and it breaks my heart every year. usually it doesn't happen until january tho so i mayyyybe still have time. oh and my little bay ottb friend wheres a brown and black bridle too haha - maybe it can be a thing? lol

  3. You guys look amazing! Actually I think that the bandages look kind of cute on him :-)

  4. He has come such a long way! And he already started out so fancy.

  5. He looks great! Don't sell him short (hehe) because of the length of his legs, a lot of those long legged horses aren't really tracking up, it just looks that way. Then it all falls apart when you start to ask for more collection, because they were never really tracking up. But the shorties can't fake it!

    I think we should bring back rust colored breeches.

  6. Dayum girl, not sure how I missed this update but ya'll are killing ot! ♡♡♡♡