Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It Rained

So I was thinking I had some dressage ride media to share with you, but I already did.  Then I had a few media free rides.  Then it rained, so just no rides since the arena is sand soup.  What to talk about??   Dumdedadum!  TUDOR!!!
Third time being ridden
 Tudor is a 6yo, 3/4 TB 1/4 QH, (not racing bred).  His owner is a new client for me, we had a mutual friend.  He did ground work with a western type trainer for the past two summers, but they thought he would be more suited to English.  I went to meet him, and the owner, and the trainer, and fell in love.
Less than a month under saddle
 I watched the trainer put him through his paces and promptly told her that he looked more broke than many of the horses people have brought me and said had been ridden.  I backed him a few days later, rode him again the next day, and then the owner moved him to the same barn as Prisoner.  He has pretty much been a dream boat since day one.
He says training is hard
 He is at right about two months under saddle and walk/trot/canters and even popped over a few crossrails the other day.
Best at napping
 He started out rather lazy, but now he understands that forward is better.  He has maybe spooked twice since I've been on him, and really tries to think things through.
From the first week

Already best at selfies
 It took him a while to understand giving to the bit, but now he even does that.
Around the one month mark
First canter

Starting to give
 Not only is he good to ride in the arena, I already taught him to let me open the gate and we have walk and trotted in the pasture!
First attempt is a success
 The only bad thing he does?  Try to eat anything that fits in his mouth!
Already phone approved
The best part?  His owner is the nicest lady!  As is his previous trainer, I swear my facebook turns into a who can be the nicest competition #notabadthing.  I am really enjoying a fun project and nice people.  Always a good addition.
Hubbahubba dang dang

Work that booty

That trot tho
I'm thinking that he needs aimed at the hunter ring, time will tell.


  1. Squee so glad to learn more about the handsome devil! I've thoroughly enjoyed stalking *ahem* looking at the fab photos you've shared on insta and cannot wait to hear where your adventure takes you both from here!
    He is such a handsome chappie ♡

  2. aw what a sweetie!!! there's always something so exciting about getting a new prospect going :)

  3. He really is such a cool horse. He's going to be great for somebody.

  4. Yes a hunter! He is adorable!!! Just my type. Nice job with him!

  5. I just love him!! Always love your posts about him!!

  6. OMG I love him. You two look great!