Thursday, November 19, 2015

This and That

As is typical of late fall here in Idaho riding is sort of on again off again.  Much of last week the arena was wayyyy to wet to ride.  I finally got to ride over the weekend, yay!
Does it get any better than sunset riding pictures?
 Saturday was the first of the winter schooling jumper shows, Aimee and Alyssa and I went for the free entertainment.  You guys, it is such mayhem.  Much more fun to watch than ride.  Also, there was some shopping to be done and the new local tack trailer was set up.  Love, love, love having some decent local shopping available.
Happy ladies!
I brought back the bell boots that I had bought and had disintegrated by the fourth ride (sad face) and thought I would just exchange for a different pair.  Then we were going through the breeches, and OMG the sparkles.  After a bit of arm twisting I tried them on in two colors.  They are HKM out of Germany and were marked at a great deal.  Well I grabbed the 30's because they had no 32's and thought what the heck maybe they will fit.
Sparkle pockets

UhOh we know I have a thing for navy breeches
Well they fit like a glove!  Sidenote: I actually took a moment and thought about the breeches I own and more of the brands are 30's than 32's.  This made me smile since in typical female thinking I go from thinking that I am a 30/32 to thinking that I wear only 32's and might as well buy 34's.  Yay!  That said, the way they fit now is good motivation to not gain any weight.
Sparkles and sunset?  I think yes
 Well with the credit I had coming from my $35 bell boot return I thought wow what color do I choose?  I might have been texting with my mom who had been drinking wine and looking at overpriced breeches on line earlier that week.  Wellllll, she said buy both and Merry Christmas.   EEEEK!  And that is how mom's plus gambler's choice prizes are the best!
Kitty approves of the sparkles
I've ridden in the blue pair a few times now, and wow I really like them.  We will see how they wash up.  The tan pair I am going to attempt to save for clinics and shows.  But, I do want to feel fancy and wear them once with this vest.
I think the gold in the vest will look good with the gold sparkles
Here are some random riding photos I got from recruiting a girl at the barn that I teach, not bad for a phone and waning light.
Looking tall on my tiny pony

 I've noticed that I need to work on getting him laterally supple.  He used to be wiggly and we worked and worked on straightness and getting longitudinal suppleness, now we need to get some 'on purpose' wiggle back.  Watching Aimee's clinic over the weekend was a great refresher.  If I can get him looser/more free in his back than I will be able to get higher quality movements and better sitting trot.  Always something to work on.


  1. Ooooooh so you're European breeches fit perfect, do they?????? Lol! I will fit into those ADEs!!!!!!!

  2. Super cute breeches! I love HKMs!

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  4. Looove those breeches, great find!

  5. Gorgeous Sparkle Breeches & fab photos as always♡♡♡♡

  6. love the pants!! tho i hate how the arena never seems to ever fully dry out in the fall... ugh